Cost Saving Sustainable Architecture

Explore cutting-edge concepts that go way beyond the ideas your architects and engineers are even thinking about. We provide an advanced building envelope that can pay the mortgage with pollution credits and self-funding solutions to today’s pressing water quality problems at the scale of lakes and rivers. You will find answers here you won’t find anywhere else on Earth.

Wright, Gehry and Foster all say let Nature guide the LOOK of Architectural Design.
I say Let Nature Guide the FUNCTION of Architectural Design.
See what I mean.

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Harnessing the beauty and strength of nature

Sustainability is the guiding principle for every element of our architectural visions, shaping the environment and standing the test of time.

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Design decisions matter

We celebrate the boundless realms of creativity, where every design is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled. Our spaces not only meet the functional needs of our clients but also inspire and uplift the human spirit.

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Putting the earth first

At The Craft of Architecture, ‘green’ isn’t just a color; it’s a commitment to cultivating sustainable, eco-conscious designs that breathe life into our blue planet.

Providing innovative designs

Periphyton Roofs: Nature’s Green Roof Revolution

Unmatched Building Envelope Performance

Imagine a roof that not only provides shelter but also contributes to a healthier ecosystem. Periphyton roofs are a revolutionary approach to green roofing that promote the natural growth of periphyton, a community of microorganisms that thrive in aquatic environments. These living roofs offer energy efficiency through heat shedding and income from nutrient trading credits. Let us guide you into the world of periphyton roofs, where architecture meets ecology to create sustainable living buildings.


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A building built by a cost saving sustainable architect

Focusing on the future

Floating Neighborhoods: Cities of Tomorrow, Today

Design ahead of its time

As urbanization accelerates, the demand for space in our cities grows ever more pressing. Floating neighborhoods represent a visionary solution to this challenge. These innovative communities are built on water bodies, combining urban living with a deep respect for the environment. Our exploration of floating neighborhoods delves into their remarkable sustainability features, from advanced waste management systems to energy-efficient designs, creating a blueprint for cities of the future both resilient and environmentally responsible.

Images are ©Getty Images and while they are not the work of this firm, they are representative of services offered by The Craft of Architecture.

Seattle Floating Homes – july7th, Victoria City Inner Harbor Landscape – Oleg Charykov, Floating Houses in Ijburg, Amsterdam – Ashley Cooper.

Our Services

Periphyton Roof Services


  • Project Concept and Development
  • Consultant and Agency Management
  • Project Review and Feasibility Recommendations
  • Preliminary Design Documents
  • Permitting
  • Scientific Project Management
  • Schematic Design Documents
  • Detailed Harvester and Equipment Design
  • Construction Management
  • Start-Up and Residuals Management

Floating Neighborhood Services


  • Project Concept and Development
  • Consultant and Agency Coordination
  • Regulatory Management Services
  • Political Communications and Relations
  • Project Review and Feasibility Recommendations
  • Preliminary Design Documents
  • Permitting
  • Schematic Design Documents
  • Detailed Facility and Equipment Design
  • Construction and Equipment Management
  • Construction Documents and Specifications

Technical Competencies


  • Architecture – Large Buildings
  • Construction Management
  • Lake and Waterway Quality Management Systems
  • Pond Design, Periphyton Roof Design
  • RF Shielded Enclosures
  • Hydroponics and Poly Culture Systems
  • Mycological Clean Rooms and Grow Rooms

Transforming spaces

A Unique Architect With Ideas Outside the Box

Design ahead of its time

We challenge conventional boundaries, pushing the envelope of innovation, then craft designs that anticipate future needs and trends, ensuring that your project remains relevant and inspiring for years to come.

Creative and forward-thinking design

We believe in infusing each project with creativity and forward-looking perspectives. Our designs not only captivate the eye but also embrace cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices, setting new standards for architectural excellence.

Design with vision

We see architecture as a theater to bring dreams and ideas to life. With a deep-rooted vision, we design and construct never before accomplished projects, infusing purpose and personality into every detail. Our designs go beyond aesthetics; they are biologically active environments that resonate with the people who experience them.

Committed to People, Committed to the Future

Committed to People, Committed to the Future

At The Craft of Architecture,

Our commitment extends far beyond construction documents and building materials. We are dedicated to the people we serve and the future we collectively shape. With a strong focus on human-centric design, we create architecture that lowers our impact and restores environments. We are driven by a passion for sustainability, strive to leave the planet like we found it. We believe that architecture is not just about structures; it’s about fostering technologies, enabling innovation, and promoting environmental responsibility. As stewards of the built environment, we are unwavering in our dedication to people and the future, crafting functional buildings and environments that restore environmental quality and evolve with time.

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Transforming spaces into dreams come true

The extraordinarily capable design architect integrating art and sculpture where appropriate and focusing on green, sustainable, eco-conscious spaces.