Periphyton Roofs:

Where Architecture Meets Ecology

Harness the power of aquatic ecosystems on a roof. Earn up to 40% of your mortgage and eliminate infrared heat from the sun’s energy.

Innovative Solutions for Sustainability Issues

We’re excited to introduce you to this remarkable innovation that is transforming the way we think about rooftops and green living. Read on to learn more about how a green roof can form an income-producing and energy-saving building envelope solution for temperate flat-roofed buildings.

What Are Periphyton Roofs?

The Periphyton roof utilizes the massive power of aquatic ecosystems. A naturally occurring community of microscopic organisms thrives in shallow aquatic environments. These organisms adhere to various surfaces, forming a complex web of life that serves as the base of all aquatic ecosystems. Periphyton acts as a biofilter, vastly improving water quality and providing essential habitat for most aquatic organisms.

Adapting this natural ecological powerhouse to architecture is an art with amazing potential for a better world. Periphyton Roofs are living green aquatic roofs that mimic the structure and function of their aquatic counterparts. They consist of a carefully nature-curated assembly of plants, microorganisms, and substrates that work together to create a self-sustaining ecosystem on the roof of a building.


Exploring sustainability technology

Exploring the Science of Periphyton Roofs Further

Restoring nature

The purpose of the Periphyton Roof is to help restore a lake or river’s natural ability to maintain a low trophic state index with wetland level filtration, which was eliminated by development prior to regulation. We detail the performance of a 4-acre periphyton roof. That detail shows that 40% of the building mortgage can be earned from phosphorus removal credits while shielding all of the sun’s heat from the building envelope. A harvested periphyton filter has shown the capability to remove 300-1000 lbs. /acre/year of phosphorus or 68.7 – 229 lbs. Nitrogen sequestered in algal biomass is roughly ten times the phosphorus.

What Are the Benefits of Periphyton Roofs?


Periphyton Roof technology is unequaled on earth. It enhances energy efficiency by providing heat shedding and absorbing nutrients and oxygenating outflow.


Like natural periphyton, these roofs attract a diverse range of microscopic plants and animal organisms. This biodiversity not only adds to the roof’s stability but also supports local aquatic ecosystems.


Periphyton Roofs are incredibly resilient. They thrive in temperate climates and are shut down during freezing temperatures. Rapid restart make them versatile for sustainable architecture between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.


Embrace the value of a Periphyton Roof

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of Periphyton Roofs in your next architectural project? Connect with us today to discuss how Periphyton Roofs can be a part of your sustainable architectural vision. Together, we can reshape the future of urban landscapes, one living roof at a time.