The Floating Neighborhood:

A Self-Funding Approach to Pristine Surface Water In Our Lifetime

In recent years, architects and urban planners have been exploring innovative solutions to address the challenges of building energy use, cooling, and climate change.

Innovative Solutions for Complex Problems

One visionary concept that has gained traction is the creation of waterfront property to moor floating houses. These unique communities, designed to create sustainable waterfront properties and offer a sustainable and resilient approach to waterfront living. We propose development of low impact areas with sustainable marinas. The revenue from this property funds large-scale planktonic algae harvesting, greatly improving surface water quality.

Our Floating Neighborhood Services

Project Concept and Development

Project Vision: The foundation of any floating neighborhood proposal begins with a clear project vision supported with many site attributes which must be in place or provided. Architects and engineers envision sustainable, water quality based community that provides housing and integrates electrical, mechanical, plumbing, transportation, parking, and trash services as well as maintenance capabilities.

Regulatory Management Services

Floating neighborhoods must adhere to strict environmental regulations to minimize their impact on aquatic ecosystems. Regulatory experts play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with laws related to water quality, wildlife preservation, and shoreline protection.

Political Communications and Relations

Building support and gaining acceptance from local communities and governments is paramount. Effective communication with stakeholders and local officials helps address concerns and garners support for the project.

Project Review and Feasibility Recommendations

A thorough evaluation of potential water bodies is essential to determine their suitability for hosting a floating neighborhood. Factors such as water depth, navigation, and proximity to amenities are studied and assessed.

Preliminary Design Documents

Our professionals create preliminary documents outlining the floating neighborhood’s overall layout, aesthetics, and functionality. These documents serve as the initial blueprint for the project.


Securing permits for a floating neighborhood can be a complex process. Our permitting expertise will guide developers to gain the necessary approvals, addressing safety, infrastructure, and zoning approvals.

Scientific Project Management

To mitigate the ecological impact, our scientific project management experience ensures oversight of environmental assessments, ensuring that the floating neighborhood will have minimal adverse effects on the surrounding ecosystem.



Schematic Design Documents

Schematic design documents provide a more detailed plan for the neighborhood, including building placement, infrastructure, and sustainability features. These documents serve as the basis for further development.

Detailed Facility and Equipment Design

Detailed design involves specifying the infrastructure, including utilities, waste management systems, and sustainable energy sources, to ensure the neighborhood’s self-sufficiency.

Construction and Equipment Management

We coordinate the assembly of floating platforms, buildings, and infrastructure during construction. We also manage the installation of equipment and systems that support daily life within the community.

Construction Documents and Specifications

Detailed construction documents and specifications ensure contractors follow the design and engineering plans precisely. Quality control measures are implemented to guarantee the safety and longevity of the floating neighborhood.

Start-Up and Residuals Management

After construction, the focus shifts to community activation and ensuring that all systems are operational. Residual management includes waste disposal, water treatment, and the ongoing sustainability of the neighborhood.


Choose The Craft of Architecture

The Craft of Architecture is one of the top architectural firms that designs and constructs floating neighborhoods. Our team of experts goes above and beyond to ensure floating neighborhood projects are designed with engineering excellence that encompasses sustainability. We are committed to bettering the environment one floating neighborhood at a time.